ESN Portugal: Home of ESN Coimbra

Erasmus Student Network Portugal, is the national section of ESN for Portugal, composed by over 14 local sections (Coimbra being one of them) ESN Portugal is a team of amazing people who joined ESN at their local sections, eventually coming to the national level.
ESN Portugal manages and takes care of all the local sections throughout Portugal, also, ESN Portugal is part of the international commitees and events, also participating in SWEP (South Western European Platform) of ESN.
On an National level, ESN Portugal manages many different commitees, ITcom, COMcom, HRN and many more. ESN Portugal also organizes many national events, Erasmus National Meeting, Erasmus National Games, and many more that are made specially for members of the local sections, such as, Upgrade, LevelUp, LBM, Community Meetings, PN's and many more. ESN is also guided by our mission, vision and values, which are:


Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of society through the integration and support of international students.


By 2025, ESN aims to become the premier global network of the Erasmus Generation, dedicated to enhancing international education and offering self-development opportunities to two million young individuals. We are committed to fostering intercultural understanding and catalyzing positive societal change.


At the Erasmus Student Network, we uphold the following values:

  • Unity in diversity: Embracing our differences while working towards a common goal.
  • Students helping students: Volunteering passionately for the betterment of others.
  • Fun in friendship and respect: Building relationships grounded in mutual respect and enjoyment.
  • International dimension of life: Embracing open-mindedness, mobility, exploration, cooperation, and interaction to transcend borders.
  • Love for Europe as a zone of peace and cultural exchange: Embracing and celebrating the cultural diversity of Europe.
  • Openness with tolerance: Understanding, accepting, and learning from others.
  • Cooperation in integration: Embracing a holistic approach to internationality and integration.

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ESN Portugal, also organizes and directly engages in many different national & international events, such as:

Erasmus National Meeting (ENM)
Erasmus National Games (ENG)

International Erasmus Games (IEG)
Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM)