Our commercial partners range from clubs, bars and restaurants; to: outdoors activities & entretainment all the way to hotels and travelling transportation!
Check out ESN Coimbra's partnerships booklet and come find out all of the amazing value that you can get with your ESNcard!
Keep in mind that you can also check even more information on the ESNcard's official website! Such as local partners from other cities in Portugal and all over Europe that the ESNcard offers dicounts, bundles and much more!



Become a partner


A ESN Coimbra encontra-se plenamente motivada em proporcionar as melhores ofertas e descontos aos estudantes estrangeiros na sua cidade. Esta parte do website baseia-se, portanto, na convicção de que é possível estabelecer parcerias que permitam beneficiar tanto os estudantes erasmus, como os nossos parceiros empresariais.

Acreditamos sinceramente que podemos ser um parceiro essencial na ligação entre estes dois mundos. E que, no final, parceiros e estudantes estrangeiros saem a ganhar!

Caso queira tornar-se parceiro da ESN Coimbra contacte, por favor, envie email para partnerships@esncoimbra.org


ESN Coimbra is fully committed to providing the best offers and discounts to international students in its city. This part of the website is based on the belief that it is possible to establish partnerships that benefit both Erasmus students and our business partners.

We sincerely believe that we can be an essential partner in bridging these two worlds. And that, in the end, both partners and international students benefit!

If you would like to become a partner of ESN Coimbra, please contact us by email at partnerships@esncoimbra.org.