Asking yourself how to get to Coimbra? Usually Erasmus students use one of this three different ways:

  • Airplane to Lisbon and train or bus from Lisbon to Coimbra – if you want to come by train you can go by Metro from the airport to “Oriente” or taking a taxi to “Gare do Oriente”. To come by bus you can also use the metro to get to “Sete Rios” and get the bus there. To check the schedules of the trains go to; of the bus to
    Check the Special Campaign for Students (TAP Portugal).
  • Airplane to Porto and train or bus from Porto to Coimbra – to come to Coimbra by train you must go by Metro to “Campanhã” and get the train to Coimbra from there. To come by Bus go to “S. Bento” and look for the bus station, at Rua Alexandre Herculano, in Praça da Batalha. To check the schedules of the trains go to; of the bus to
  • Sharing a car with other Erasmus people – it is a more and more commonly used way to get to Coimbra, especially by Spanish people. To do it, our best advice is to create a profile in Blablacar (link) and look for a ride or to create your own. If you want, later on you can share the link of your travel in the Erasmus Group of ESN Coimbra to be easier to find someone to share the expenses with you. 


The city has a bus network, SMTUC, which ensures the arrival at any point of the city. It works, roughly, from 6:00 to 00:00, with short and regular periods. There is a students’ monthly pass which costs €22/month.

Coimbra is a small town and it’s easy to walk through, despite its successive mountains and hills. In only one hour, you can almost cross the town by foot from one end to the other. Due to its topography, Coimbra is not an easy city to circle by bike. Although there has no mobility businesses bikes there are some students who use this transport to go to the university.

Taxis are the most expensive public transportation in the city but it’s a good alternative to the hours when buses don’t operate. Moreover, if the price is divided by four people this is always a good option. 

Taxi Coimbra: +351 239 499 090


The easiest way to move around Portugal is, of course, by car. Since most of us can’t bring it with, the second most popular way of getting around is by train. Portuguese trains are good and, as a student, you may have a discount if you show your Universitary Card. For further information see (English version available). Traveling around Portugal by bus is also possible and cheaper than by train. In most cases you can also get a student discount (you always need to ask for it and to show the student card). Blablacar (link) is also a more and more common way to travel around the country.