ESN Coimbra

The services and activities are completely granted by the volunteer work of a team with around 40 members; mostly Portuguese students. There are also periodical national meetings (National Platforms) with the other Portuguese local ESN sections, while there is only one international Assembly General Meeting (AGM) per year in which most of the ESN sections around Europe take part.

None of the ESN Coimbra members is paid. ESN Coimbra is a non-profit organization, therefore all the profits from its activities are continuously used to provide training to our volunteers, to pay current and operational bills, to create promotional and informational material and to provide cultural activities for free for foreign students in Coimbra.

We help incoming Exchange students to:

  • obtain any kind of information about student life in Coimbra (including paperwork)!
  • find a suitable accommodation (since we are not an agency, the most we can do is provide a list of rooms where former Erasmus have lived);
  • learn about Coimbra from our cultural tours and events;
  • learn about Portugal by means of our organised trips.

We are also well known for our great entertaining activities, like:

  • weekly parties with special offers for Erasmus and exchange students making the venues breathe a truly international, friendly and welcoming atmosphere;
  • various events such as international dinners, cinema nights, typical dinners, Meeting Points, Speed Meetings and Quiz Nights;
  • sports activities, like stand up paddle, hiking in the mountains and soccer tournaments; well as many other surprises!