Coimbra, the city of the students' love!

Coimbra is a historical city right in the heart of Portugal, and at the margin of the Mondego river, it is located in the district of the same name. The region of Coimbra was originally first inhabited by the Romans in 1st century BC, then being taken by the Visgoths in the 5th century AD, and officially reconquered and recognized as a city by the portuguese government and the church in 1111 (Creation of the municipality of Coimbra). In 1290 the University of Coimbra was founded in an effort from the portuguese people to further develop the city, wich was very rich and heavily fortified at the time (wich you can see by the amazing decorations and ruins of the wall all around the city!), being, again officially recognized in 1537 as an official university by order of the king D. João III, from then, the history of Coimbra was always related to the university and the students, being un-officially recognized as a 'student' city, known as one of the main educational centers of Portugal; and as they say, the rest is history!

From then, known as "The city of students' loves", "The star of the mondego", and many other names, lots of legends, historic architecture, natural scenery, stories and facts, all within one city and the lots of stuff it has to offer!
Discover Paço das escolas, Jardim da Quinta das Lágrimas, Praia Fluvial do Rebolim, Jardim Botânico de Coimbra, Sé Velha, Igreja de Santa Cruz, Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro, Mosteiro de Santa Clara, Nova Cathedral, Ruínas de Coimbra, and so much more! In this amazing, full of life and surprising little city, wich will be home to your heart for the rest of your life, discover Coimbra!