For your first days here, the best thing to do is to look for a hostel and after your arrival to get ready to look for a place to stay during your Erasmus. We always advice not to transfer money nor to choose a house before prior visiting it.

After you arrive to Coimbra, our suggestion is:

  • Go to the ESN Office (check the schedule on the website before you go there) at Casa da Lusofonia:
    • There will meet our volunteers who will give you a free Portuguese phone card and share with you a list of rooms where last years’ Erasmus students were living;
  • If you want to look for a house without our help, you can search ads in local newspapers, near the faculties and in the streets. In the windows of the houses, when there is a white paper placed, it means that it is available for rent... in these cases just ring the bell! It must seem to be weird, but Coimbra is a Universitary City and there is a high short-term house rent market because even Portuguese students are not born in Coimbra... so they change their apartments almost every year/semester.
  • There are also a few Portuguese sites where you can look for rooms or apartments.